Affordable Air Rifles in Hampton, Virginia

At Custom Air Rifles And Designs, LLC, in Hampton, Virginia, we sell a variety of air rifles. We have you covered, from pistol styles to air rifles from all the major manufacturers. Additionally, our air rifles are perfect for pest control, hunting and or home defense.

Various Styles

There are more than a thousand different styles and designs of air rifles. At our company, we sell the rifle that best suits your needs, including:

• CO2 • Pump Actions • Spring • PCP

PCP & 50 Caliber Air Rifles

These feature 3,000 PSI and up and come in different styles of pistols, as well as air rifle styles. Also available, are .50 caliber air rifles that generate enough force to take down a deer. We carry an array of calibers, so you are able to have an air rifle that fits for your specific needs, including:

• .177
• .22
• .25
• .303
• 9 mm
• .357

• .45
• .50

Man with Rifle in Field-Air Rifles

Contact us in Hampton, Virginia, to experience the benefits of owning your own air rifle.